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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blogging And Your Gmail Account

With New Blogger, Google lets you use your Google account to access your blog, and your friends blogs. They do this for your convenience.

Not everybody wants convenience. Some folks see using their email account for Blogging as an invasion of privacy. Others are afraid of losing their email account, and losing Blogger access at the same time.

The good news is that Google accounts are free, and you can set up another, or as many as you like.

  • Go to your GMail main window.
  • In the lower left of the window, find "Invite a friend".
  • Enter your email address (yes, the address displayed).
  • When you get the invitation from yourself, open and accept it.
  • Choose any new Google address that pleases you (and that's available).
  • Log out of your current GMail account, and into your new account.
  • Transfer your blogs to your new Google account.

Remember, though, you can move your blogs to any Google account that you wish, but the first Google account will always be the owner of the blog. Treat that account with extreme care.

Until the world is 100% migrated to New Blogger, though, don't forget about Old Blogger. If you're invited to contribute to an Old Blogger (pre-Layouts Template) blog, remember that you will need a Blogger account for that activity. You may be able to use a Blogger account name (subject to availability), but when you look on the dashboard of your newly created / resurrected Blogger account, don't get panicky about not seeing your New Blogger blogs there.
Help, my blogs have gone missing!
And don't get confused when you find that you have to login periodically, to either your Blogger, your New Blogger, your Google Email, or your Google Groups, sessions. Many Bloggers (myself included) have found that the various Google cookies used tend to be confused by the various activities.

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