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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How Long Should Migrating A Blog Take?

My baseline test set, Nitecruzr68, which is basically a stub blog, took close to 2 hours. Other Bloggers are reporting longer times, some days.

I'll bet that size of blog will make a big difference. So if it takes 2 hours to migrate a stub blog with 1 post, how long will it take to migrate PChuck's Network?

Jordan, you're going to need a migration estimation tool of some sort, and some sort of progress indicator. Try importing a blog (any blog) from Blogger to WordPress, and see what I'm talking about.


The need for a migration time estimation, and / or a migration progress indicator, is now added to my wishlist. Let Blogger know that a Migration Support tool is needed.

Migration Support Tool: Provide an estimate of time required for any blog to be migrated (before migration starts), AND a migration progess indicator (while migration is in progress).


Here's a 10 minute thread sample from Blogger Help Group: Something Is Broken - several very unhappy Bloggers.

(Edit 12/20 15:00): My bud just asked me, in email
Well, I can't recall that Blogger has given out any numbers, so how does one know???

And my answer was
That's so easy. Go "Next Blog" surfing.

Just hit "Next Blog" a couple dozen times. I did, and counted about 10 Old, and 10 New, blogs. And 2 with NO Navbar (assholes).

Now of those 10 New Blogger blogs, how many were migrated, and how many were started as Beta / New blogs? I'll bet as many were started as Beta, as were migrated. And of those migrated, how many are large and complex blogs? See my migration discussions, and see Roberto's migration discussions.

I don't think we've even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. And Jordan says
...spread the word that account migrations sometimes takes longer than a few minutes :)

Well no shit Sherlock!


Sarah said...

I don't mind it taking awhile to migrate, but Blogger stated *more than once* that the process would take about two minutes. When it's been 6 hours, I begin to worry that something is wrong in addition to feeling misled.

amr said...

i think it's dependent on how many others may be trying to migrate at once, and/or it's just random. as you saw, it took like 2 min for my 14 post church blog (and yours too, it seems like). it took like 7 min for my 2 main blogs + 1 test blog (the ones on the account i am posting from), each of which has 100-200 posts (+2 on the test blog). one was an ftp blog, and one a blogspot hosted one, so....i dunno. seems pretty quick for 3 blogs.

Chuck said...

I'll bet it's blog complexity * current server load. And whatever it is, we're going to HAVE to have a migration estimation tool, AND a migration progress indicator.

Expecting Bloggers to go away, for DAYS, without complaining (and while watching their readership go into the toilet) is just not realistic.

Chuck said...

Hit the WishList, guys.

Migration Support Tool: Provide an estimate of time required for any blog to be migrated (before migration starts), AND a migration progess indicator.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

12 hours later my blog is showing up in the old blogger. It does not look like it transfered.

Chuck said...

Hey Blue,

Figuring that this is Day 1 of New Blogger, and probably a few folks trying to migrate to the new and shiny, 12 hours may not be too unusual.

But it does seem unacceptable. I'm going to bet that nobody at Blogger thought about server congestion, and load during migration.

We definitely need migration tools though. Hit the WishList!

UMan said...

All my blogs (which are quite large, more than 200 posts) only took a few minutes. This was a while ago though. But I am still having issues now that I am in beta. But the actual migration took no time at all.