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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogger Alert 12/2: Missing Toolbar Buttons

We are advised by Blogger Buzzer in Blogger Help Group: Something Is Broken I can't post pictures to my blog, that we should clear our browser cache, if any toolbar buttons are missing from the Post Editor screens. Note that there are 3 different techniques for clearing cache, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

According to Pal at Blogger Status, this also affected photo uploads.

This leaves us with open questions.

  • What changed in the Post Editor (and Photo Uploads), that we are refreshing?
  • Why was no announcement made about what problem was fixed?
So what else is new?

1 comment:

Carye said...

I too was one of the multitude with this issue. I must say, Blogger Buzzer was wonderful. After taking his suggestion to clear my cache (Ctrl-F5) I am back up and running. I just wanted to leave a thank you somewhere, to both Buzzer and to all of you at Blogspot.