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Friday, December 29, 2006

Reduce The Stress - Don't Migrate All Of Your Blogs At Once

Here are a couple interesting (hypothetical) pleas for help in the forums.

I need the features of New Blogger 2006 in my first blog, but I don't want to migrate my second blog. What do I do now?

I need to migrate my blogs, but I don't want them to end up under the same account after migration. I don't want folks seeing my first blog from my second blog or from my third blog. Help!

I went to migrate my blogs, and it said "The following blogs are owned by someone else". How can i migrate now??

Well, I can sympathise. I started my migration by looking at my collection of blogs, and found at least a dozen which I value a great deal. Knowing that, once a blog is migrated, it will be owned by the account that it's migrated into, for eternity, I decided that I would have to migrate some blogs to one Google account, and others to a second Google account.

Then I noted that some blogs are owned by other people too. And in a couple cases, neither of us was sure who was the original owner.

I decided that I would be better off migrating a few blogs at a time, than migrating all of them at once.

But the migration process doesn't let you do that, does it? You migrate an account, and all blogs attached to the account. No choice to do some now (to this account), and others later (to another account).

There is, thankfully, a way around that. You can move selected Old Template blogs from one Blogger account to another, then migrate either account at your convenience. As long as the first account retains no ownership of the blog moved, the second account becomes the new owner of the blog. Even in a team blog relationship, if all but one account is removed from a blog, the remaining account assumes full ownership of the blog.

  1. Setup a new Google email account for migration.
  2. From the original Blogger account, send an invitation to the new Google email account, offering blog(s) membership.
  3. From the new Google email account, accept the Blogger invitation, and create a new Blogger account, for blog(s) membership.
  4. From the original Blogger account, grant administrative authority over the blog(s) to the new Blogger account. The new Blogger account (please don't confuse this with a "New Blogger" account!) is now a joint owner of the blog(s).
  5. From the new Blogger account, remove the other Blogger account(s) from blog(s) membership. The new Blogger account is now the sole owner of the blog(s).
  6. From the new Blogger account, execute the migration. Create a new Google account, or use an existing one, remembering that the account targeted becomes the owner of the blog, for eternity.
  7. Remember, as soon as the account, and the blog, is migrated to Google authentication, the current team members will lose access. They'll have to setup Google accounts, and you'll have to invite those accounts again. If they have any remaining blogs owned by their current Blogger account, they can migrate that account and blogs to their new Google account, when they are able.

If you have multiple blogs, and want some blogs to be owned by one Google account, and others by another, repeat the above procedures.

I will tell you from experience, there's no way in heck that I would be migrating all 12+ of my blogs at once. Not until the last week possible, and even then I would not do it willingly.

Just do 2 or 3 at a time. Way less stressful, and easier to separate the team relationships.

1 comment:

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
I have multiple blogs and have no reason or desire to change yet I can't access my blog which is still on the Old Blogger account.

I'm happy with what the old account gives me in terms of requirements and flexibility and see no reason to change from the service I'm getting already.

Why do accounts have to be switched to the new account anyway?