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Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Complication In Migration - Team Blogs #2

During a very interesting online conversation with a bud, AMR, she pointed out that the team blog problem was resolved a week or so ago, according to a post by Blogger Buzzer in Blog 'in migration' for 5 days. Is that normal?

We modified our migration algorithm to handle this case correctly so other users don't fall to the same trap.

So, I guess we will see if the currently reported problems are related to migrations started before 12/11.

I haven't seen anything in Blogger Buzz, or Known Beta Issues, about this. Kudos to AMR for spotting the forum thread!

Ahyway, AMR asked me for my opinion about the good news from Buzzer, as her church blog was in the same jeopardy. Having read the article, I suggested that maybe it would be safe for me to attempt my migration (subject to my invitation reasserting itself). And a couple minutes later, she reported that hers was done. As you can now see, she is a happy Beta Blogger, and of a rocking good blog, too.

So now I shall see if my church blog can be migrated as successfully, being as the original owner account, of mine, was separated from the blog just recently.

1 comment:

amr said...

migration madness continues...i saw a thread a few minutes ago that you commented on in which a user had exactly the sort of migration problem i feared when i suggested you log out of all google services prior to beginning a migration. http://groups.google.com/group/blogger-help-troubleshoot/browse_frm/thread/0d6405e7e82cdca4

looks like i dodged a bullet there. hopefully blogger will pick up on this latest bug report.