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Friday, December 22, 2006

When Should I NOT Migrate #2

My last thoughts, about when I would want to migrate MY blogs, was that I would give it a go mid week.

  • The previous weekends activities should be wound down.
  • The problems from the previous weekend should be resolved.
  • Starting Tuesday or Wednesday of the week should allow a day for the migration to go (or not).
  • If not were the operative word, 2 days for me to attract the attention of Jordan or Buzzie, and hopefully they could fix my problem as they have fixed others.

But, it is Christmas, and Blogger is on a Christmas break. Possibly following that, one would bet, comes New Years, and a similar break.

And right now, my migration is OFF. So my bet is some folks will try migrating in the next week or so, possibly following my previous advice. But it's the holidays, folks, so unless you need a New Blogger blog for the holidays, and you are willing to chance losing it for a few days, give it a rest. I will anyway.

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