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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Authentication - And Changing The Account On Your Blog

(Edit 6/13): Changing the owner account is still not a casual process. But it can now be done.

Neither Classic or New Blogger have a simple setting to change the administrator account on your blog. There's nothing in Settings that says

Manage this blog from this account.

As I note in The Real Blogger Status (Classic): Changing The Account Name On Your Blog, though, this is not a great problem. Simply add a new administrator, then delete the old one.

Under Classic Blogger, this could be done in one step, and this was a problem. It was possible to make a new member an administrator, and end up with no administrator. This would require another ticket to Blogger Support. DOHH.
Please restore my administrator status. My blog has no administrator.

In New Blogger, this is a problem, possibly intentionally so because of the latter scenario.
  • Add a new blog member.
  • The new blog member accepts the addition.
  • Make the new member an administrator.
  • The new blog administrator cannot, unfortunately, remove the old administrator.

And there's the problem. You have one account that can't be deleted from administrator status. And, in Blogger Help Group: How Do I? Switching Blog to anothe rgmail account?, we see this problem. And note the warning: do not delete the owner account, in an attempt to force ownership upon a second account. You'll end up with no blog.

This is just one of the many details that needs to be fixed, in New Blogger. Let's tell Blogger that this is a major concern.

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eve said...


DL's toy said...

This feature is driving me nuts!

It needs to be changed because i should not be the owner of the blog.

Why did they have to go and do this?!

Please change it back!

PS- thank you for your help.

Anonymous said...


Please make it possible to allow a new admin to remove the original admin! Not everybody keeps the same e-mail address for life, you know!

I love Blogger, but I don't like this particular feature!

me said...

I also have the issue so I hope it can be fixed

paraxeno said...

please make it possible to completely move a blog to another user and a completely different account, esspecially in group blogs there are safety issues that may demand the transfer, so please see to it...

need to get completely rid of a certain blog I have in my main google account which is used for business and sensitive personal data as well...

thanks for the help