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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogger Beta Design Deficiencies

Unlike actual Beta Problems, these are issues which will not prevent anybody from using a Beta blog. They will still prevent many people from migrating a current Classic blog to Beta.

  • Any blog with a future needs to be search engine friendly. This involves installation of meta records into the non-visible portion of the template. Without raw template editing ability, this does not appear to be possible.
  • The title bar, which has always been clickable to return the viewer from article view to main page view, is not provided that way. The title can be made clickable, but not cleanly so. (Edit 9/2): Apparently, this has been fixed.
  • The biggest single deficiency is the lack of ability to edit the raw template code. The Layout GUI is nice, and a utility long needed. But GUI editing can go only so far. Any blogs which have any style will need raw template editing.
    (Edit 8/30): We now have editing of the raw template code. What we can do with it remains to be seen.
Keep watching here.

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