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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Complication In Migration - Team Blogs

As I describe below, migration is a two step process - first you migrate the account, then you migrate the blogs in the account. First the account, then the blogs. That's simple.

Or is it? If you're the only administrator, maybe. But what if you have multiple administrators?

It appears that the primary owner (generally the person who started the blog) of a blog determines its eligibility to be migrated. When the primary owner migrates his / her account to Beta, the blogs of which she / he is the original owner are eligible for migration. Only people with Beta accounts will be able to access a Beta blog; those who haven't migrated will see it in their dashboard but won't be able to access it.

What happens if the person who started a blog no longer has an active account? When he / she transferred the blog to a new owner, did primary ownership transfer too? In Blogger Alert 12/14: Blog In Limbo, we see that this may not be possible. If you delete or remove the original owner of the blog, all administrators may become joint owners. And all administrators must then be migrated, before the team blog can be migrated.

Having active accounts with up to date email addresses, for authentication in case of migration problems, is essential.

If you have team blog(s) pending migration, plan the migration. Any blog that is important enough to have multiple owners is important enough for careful planning. Make sure that the accounts, and email addresses are all active and current. If your account is the primary one used for blog administration, make sure that it's the actual blog owner, before you start migration.

All I know is, when I migrate my account and blogs, I'll make sure that each blog has one and only one owner.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chuck. You are talking 'Common Sense'. Unfortunately, the most common thing about common sense is, it ain't common!

amr said...

Hi Chuck. Is there any way to determine who the actual blog owner is prior to migration (short of contacting google, which we both know is often futile)? I have set up a blog for my church that was originally set up by another friend, who is no longer a member of the blog (ie it's not a team blog...i am the only administrator, but it was not created by me). In light of the fact that blog ownership can't be transferred post migration, I'd like to associate the church blog with a separate church account, so I invited myself, and set up a classic blogger account for the church, and have made that account administrator (and downgraded my personal account to a simple poster). When it's time for the actual migration, I will likely remove all association with my personal classic account, to avoid the "limbo" problem, but do you think this will be enough? After all, this would be the 3rd "owner". I know you're just another user like me, but would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!