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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blogger Alert 12/14: Blog In Limbo

Here's a commonly seen scenario in the Blogger Help Group forums. You just migrated your Blogger account to Google authentication (Blogger Beta). You own a portion of a team blog, and you're hoping to migrate it too.

  • You have access to the blog, but it's annotated with
    This blog is still on the old version of Blogger.
  • You go to post to the blog, and now you get
    The blog you were looking for has moved to the new Blogger.
  • And not all of the other team members can access the blog, to post or make comments.

From Pete Kennedy: beta switch - can't post - yes me too...HELP, a subsequent reply by Jordan aka Blogger Employee: Can't access team blog from any account, and Blogger Help: What happens when team blogs switch to Blogger in beta?, we learn the current rules of the game:
  1. Beta blogs can be accessed only from Beta accounts. Beta blogs will acknowledge only members with Beta accounts (migrated, or native).
  2. After the owner of a blog migrates it to Beta, all team members will see the blog in their dashboard but be unable to access it, until they too migrate to Beta.
  3. If a team member migrates their account to Beta before the owner of a team blog does so, that person will see a Beta dashboard. Clicking on the team blog will lead to a Classic posts, settings, and template editor.
  4. If you delete or remove the original owner account of a blog, the blog will be owned equally by all remaining administrators.
  5. All owners will have to migrate their accounts, before the blog can be migrated.
  6. Once the original owner account has been removed, that account has lost ownership. Re adding / reactivating that account leaves it in equal status with the other owners.

In other words, if possible:
  1. Migrate all member accounts to Beta before migrating any team blogs.
  2. If any team members can't migrate their account to Beta (because of other team membership relationships), they can setup a Beta account for accessing Beta blogs, while continuing to use their current Classic account to access Classic blogs.
  3. Before migrating your Blogger account to Blogger Beta, make sure that your account is eligible to migrate any key blogs.
  4. If you have any team blogs where the original owner account is not available for migration first, pick one account and make it the new owner.
    • Remove all other accounts from the blog.
    • Migrate the new owner account.
    • Migrate the blog in question.
    • Re add all secondary administrator accounts.
If you're going to migrate a team blog, organise the migration. It's far better for you, in the long run.

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