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Please be aware of the naming variances in this blog. You will find various references to "Classic" / "Old Template 2006" Blogger, and to "Beta" / "New Template 2006" Blogger.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Name Has Changed

but the game remains the same. I just wish that I knew what the rules are.

Pete, in Blogger Buzz: The New Version of Blogger, writes

The new version of Blogger in beta is dead!
Long live the new version of Blogger!

So this is now "New Blogger", not "Beta Blogger". Well, I will call it "New Blogger 2006", as I know that, in 2007, 2008, or sometime in the future, there will be a second New Blogger. And New Blogger 2006 replaces "Classic" or "Old Template 2006" Blogger.

Even though this is now "New Blogger 2006", and it replaces "Old Template Blogger 2006", you will find numerous references to "Classic" and "Beta" Blogger here and there. This blog will always be titled and addressed as The Real Blogger Status - Beta.

(Edit 12/20): And in commemoration of the new name, we now have Real Blogger Status - New. (p.s.) Does anybody remember New Coke?


LR said...

I am a little surprised that Blogger has actually moved blogger beta to blogger new. There are so many problems with the new system still that people that do start to switch might just start to jump ship to another platform. I have to wonder who decided that blogger beta was ready? Do they actually use blogger beta? I just get this feeling that blogger beta was pushed out the door by some person in an office in Google that has never actually used it and had problems with things like Picasa, and don't get me started with FTP publishing. They have so many problems still with FTP publishing that they should not even have started moving ftp publishers over yet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah as far as the new and old blogger goes i was just wondering about google adsense. Did i miss something? Didnt there used to be an option for it in the dashboard or is Adsense out the window?

Moss David Posner said...

Ah...I KNOW there's a simple answer to this question, but I sure don't have it. I have looked through scores of help pages--with no luck. Questions are:
1) How can i transfer my "old" blogs to my "new" blog?
2) why can I not leave a message for a human-administrator?

Chuck said...

Hey Moss,

You can't move blogs from one account to another. Blogger hasn't set that up. Let them know that that's a concern.

There are lots of human-administrators. Which ones would you like to leave messages for?