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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Template Editing

Along with Labels, the Beta template editing ability is probably the neatest feature in Blogger Beta. The GUI Page Layout editor is totally kewl.

Not too many folks realise though that you can edit page elements from other than Page Layout editor mode. When we're logged in as an administrator, we can make changes to the individual page elements, just as we can edit posts. Similar to the "Edit Posts" pencil at the bottom of each post, you'll find the "Edit" widget at the bottom right of every page element.

And here's some confusion.

How in the world do I get rid of the cute little dragonflies that seem to be a part of the template that I have?? I do not know enough about the HTML to find them or what they might be called.

Well, I've been studying the HTML / XML, but I don't know the name myself. It does sort of look like a dragonfly, though. It's just another thing that got put, into Blogger Beta, without a name. Another violation of one of my principles
Everything gets a name.

Fortunately, named or not named, it's only visible to you, in a specific situation. And, once you explain that to folks, the general philosophy is
I can live with that, as long as the readers aren't seeing it.

And they're not seeing them. Only you can see them, in a specific situation.
  • When you are logged in to the blog as an administrator.
  • When the blog has Quick Editing enabled.

There are 3 ways to prevent the dragonflies from displaying.
  1. Log out from your account.
  2. Disable Quick Editing.
  3. Edit your template.
    1. Backup your template.
    2. Select "Expand Widget Templates".
    3. Find, and replace, all instances of
      <b:include name='quickedit'/>
      changing each to
      <!-- <b:include name='quickedit'/> -->
    4. Save Template changes.

(Note): You may find it necessary to clear browser cache, after doing the above, to make sure the dragonflies will be gone.


Ultimate Disaster said...

Dragonflies do look like a screwdriver and a wrench to me!

Chuck said...

OK, but do you know if the "dragonflies" or "screwdriver and wrench" have a name? Or do we have to call them "screwdriver and wrench"?

Anett said...

Do you have an idea to remove the ugly navbar from my Beta Blogger site?

Chuck said...


My advice would be to change the colour so it's not so obvious.

Some folks don't like the Navbar. I think it's functional, and it gives a common style to Blogger blogs. And sometimes, it's useful.

So my personal advice is to leave it in place, but make it less obtrusive. Pick a colour that blends well with the rest of your blog, and leave it at that.

Albert said...

I like calling them "dragonflies." I just upgraded to blggerBeta today and I'm very glad I'm not the only one who's got an infestation. I just want to know if there's an option for turning them off. Even as admin, I don't want to see them. I want to see how the blog REALLY looks.


夏娃 said...

Thank you so much
those dragonflies really annoy me for a long long time =D

Sharon said...

thank you, i couldn't stand looking at the screwdriver and wrench!!!!

Garvald said...

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it gives this remark:

server: ftp.escapetheokiezone.com, username: garvald, reason: 530 Login authentication failed )

it says:
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