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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Leaving Comments On Other Peoples Blogs

There are several issues about Commenting on blogs. In general, they involve authentication.

If your blog allows open commenting, ie with no authentication (Who Can Comment? set to Anyone), there will be no problem with comments. Unfortunately, this is spam friendly.

To restrict spam postings, you set authentication to Blog Members or at least Registered Users. Both of those settings require authentication, using the standard Blogger account name / password (for Classic blogs), or Google account name / password (for Beta blogs).

It appears that

  1. The two authentication processes aren't compatible.
  2. Google gave no thought to the two being used together.
So now, they're trying to repair their mistakes.

Blogger has identified two issues - Classic users attempting to comment on Beta blogs, and Beta users attempting to comment on Classic blogs. Both issues are supposedly resolved.


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D. Nelson Brusa said...

This started as a thanks for your Classic site re. HTTrack... and led me here when unable as a Beta to Comment to your Classic... Sheesh.

Thanks again!

Thank you Chuck! I sleep in the brick house now... bring on the weather. I wish katherine would just give it a try. Perhaps a Novice Level 1.) Step One, 2.) Step Three methodology might help.

Thanks again Chuck

மணிப்ரகாஷ் மு said...

i am facing problem in leaving coments on other peoples blogs