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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Limit In Blogger Beta?

How many HTML / Javascript page elements can you have? My bud Roberto asked me about this last night.

I keep getting "unable to complete your request" when trying to add another widget.

And I tried myself, and I saw the same error. I used the Add widget, selected "HTML / Javascript", and there it was - our old friend (not)
We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

Well, nobody can say that Roberto's Retreat 2 - Beta isn't pushing the limit. I advised him to think of his viewers, and limit the complexity.

But as we explore the amenities of Beta Blogs, I'll be surprised if we don't run into limits like this occasionally.

(Edit 9/9 21:00): I see that there is actually a Known Issues entry for this problem, from 9/8. Maybe the BKI blog will actually be useful.

(Edit 9/11): In Google Blogger Help - Customising Templates: Is the number of HTML/JavaScript widgets limited?, we see a suggestion for a workaround.
Cool, the Text elements accept HTML and JavaScript so I can still carry on adding stuff with codes

So, forget about HTML / Javascript, and let's see how well you can customise a Text element.

(Edit 9/13): In Known Beta Issues, this problem is reported as fixed.

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