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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Photo Uploading Problems In Beta Blogs

I recently upgraded the appearance of this blog - just slightly - by cleaning up the header. What you see above is a graphic. I did this a couple days ago, with no problems.

The following day, I decided to write about my work. So I wrote text, and composed it, and made Customising The Header #2. Then I added some pictures, showing the blog header appearance, as I progressed with the project. Or I should say tried to add pictures.

I could select a picture, and hit the Upload button. And the spinner would run for a few seconds, but nothing would upload. Even clearing cookies, which I tried twice, and verified that I was using a different Blogger server, brought no relief. Nor did uploading to a blank post, tried in both "Edit HTML" and "Compose" modes. Nor using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Meanwhile, simultaneous improvements to PChuck's Network, which is a Classic blog, proceeded nicely. Pictures were a useful addition to my Network Connections wizards instructions.

So, I guess Beta blog picture uploading is broken. I'm not alone anyway.

(Edit 9/7 17:40): A very interesting forum thread involving Blogger Employee AND Jehovah himself, Pete Hopkins, Google Blogger Help - Publishing Trouble: Why can't I upload a pix? is a start. Watch this post (or the thread).

(Edit 9/8 17:00): A post in Blogger Beta Known Issues: Some users are unable to upload images suggests clearing cache. This seems to work, though not always on the first try.

(Edit 9/13): The procedure of clearing cache appears to be effective against cases where the upload appears to be successful, yet clicking on Done takes you back to a post editor where no code is inserted. Now we seem to have a new symptom - no Done button appears. Clearing cache appears to have a mixed effect here. This problem is still open in Blogger Beta Known Issues: Some users are unable to upload images, though some links there may be misleading.


Anonymous said...

No, mate, you are NOT alone on this issue. Laurel and Hardy, these Blogger Blokes aren't, but they sure as hell seem like it. If it's not one thing, it's another. I've been trying to upload photos - all day!
So, for a break, I tried all the 'right' things for adding AdSense. It worked OK - 'til I changed my mind. Then, when I removed the page element instead of deleting, and went to set another one, "We're sorry, we cannot complete your request". Now, the page element for HTML is stuffed - just like my original Roberto's Retreat.

Anett said...

I have the same problem. Today I tried to upload a picture as well, and after I thought try it with the Flickr. I upload my picture on Flickr and copy to my post. It was working but not perfect. I hope the Blogger find the solution very fast!

Jeremy said...

I'm also experiencing the same problem. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the location of the people trying to post. Right now, I'm in Taiwan, blogging my visit. Photo posting stopped working a yesterday. This is really frustrating. Let me know if you hear of any progress!