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Friday, September 22, 2006

Spacing Changes In Blogger Beta

(Note 11/25): The below content is informational only. The problem in question is not demonstrated, because of the workaround currently in place.

A new post starts out with wide vertical spacing. Look at what we have here, from line to line. Nice and wide vertical spacing. Clean and easy to read. The perfect look for a blog, right?

Now, let's throw in a quote.

And now, look at the vertical spacing. With enough lines in here, you can see a change in post layout. The vertical spacing becomes much tighter. This looks sloppy. I've also seen this happen when you include <ol> and <ul> post elements. It appears to happen with any indentation element.

But let's try a test, per advice outlined below.

Look at my other posts, for instance. Enough! I Want To Go Back! and Beta Blogs: My 3 Week Evaluation both exhibit this behaviour.

Other folks who have observed this.

(Edit 11/24):See Spacing Changes In Blogger Beta - 3 for an update, and now you cannot (hopefully) even see the problem.

(Edit 10/17): From Problem with the line space of the posts., we find possible hope:
As a temporary fix for current posts, I (accidentally) found that if
you add <span style="line-height: 1.4;"> before each blockquote, and </span> after the blockquote, then the line spacing goes back to normal after the quote, as it is supposed to.

So I will test this in Spacing Changes In Blogger Beta - 2, and we will see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Chuck. Same problem on my Blogs, now you have drawn my attention. I thought it was my 'eyes' deceiving me at first. When I tried to 'edit' and fix the supposed line spacing, it was OK - and, as always 'looked so different' in 'Preview'.

I'll report it today, too. - Yes, and reply to the 'bot-mail'.


tiny banquet committee said...

Yes, I have the same problem! It's very annoying and I don't see a way to fix it; there's no problem with my html.

Ciccina said...

I have the same problem! I've checked out the same things as other people- scrutinzing the html, switching browsers, even tried inserting a "blank" block quote at the start of the post to trigger the effect for the whole text... but nothing.


Has anyone explained this and/or given advice?

Jeez. I thought it was my eyes, too. Nice to know I don't have some peculiar blog-induced visual disorder.

Paul Rohde said...

I noticed this problem, too, when I recently switched to beta.

Then (mostly by accident) I noticed that if you enclose your quote with the HTML tag [span style="line-height:1.2"] ... [/span] (but using the pointy brackets that I can't put in this) then the quote is still narrow spaced and after the quote it goes back to the wider spacing as it should. (Of course you need to be in "edit HTML" mode in the post editor to do this, and the span tags must be outside the blockquote tags.)

(Here's a sample post that I fixed on my blog.)

I'm not sure why this works, but it seems to. And I don't think it will cause problems when (if) they correct the spacing problem at some later date.