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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beta Enhancements

No product will ever be released with all of the possible features immediately included. Any product ever treated that way will never be released, becuase the vendor will keep adding and deleting features.

So we shouldn't be surprised that Blogger Beta has problems. And it has design limitations, and other issues. And there are other features which, in our own personal opinion, should have been included.

The Post Published Screen
When you edit a post, and you hit Publish, you are taken, immediately, to the Post Published screen. Yes! No more spinner of death (among other terms used). But having done that, you click on "View Blog", and go back to main page view. How about a link to "View Post"? That would make it so much easier to test what we just wrote.

Or have you never finished a (you thought) bang up job, published, and waited for the raves to pour in? And looked at the first rave, which said

Dude, that sucks. Why did you do that?

So you look at what you had done, maybe from another browser, and find that you had made a mistake.

Always test after making changes. Check each link, for instance. Preferably in each browser. And testing, in general, would be more instinctively done, if we had a link on the Post Published screen, that went straight to the post just finished. At least, for me.

Making Comments On My Own Blog
Sometimes, I moderate and publish a comment that warrants a response. Since most comments are made anonymously, it's easiest to post another comment.

But getting thru the comment entry form (and the obnoxiously small comment form is another subject), having done that, I am left with a Captcha. Why do I have to fill out a Captcha, if I am logged in to my own blog?

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