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Friday, September 15, 2006

Enough! I Want To Go Back!

New Blogger, while a great improvement over Classic Blogger, is a little rough around the edges. We've all learned that over the past few months.

Some folks have had enough.

  • Maybe they can't take the problems or suspense.
  • Maybe the promised features just aren't there.
  • Maybe there are incompatibilities with some essential tweaks.
  • Maybe the selections of third party templates, for New (Layouts) Blogger, aren't inspiring enough.

Well, if you can't work with the New Blogger template, you can use a Classic template.
  • Select Template.
  • Select Edit HTML.
  • Select Revert to Classic Template.

This will give you an old template, with the unfortunate limitations.
  • You'll lose any tweaks that you made to the New template.
  • You won't have new features like GUI template editing, or page elements.
  • You'll still use your Google account for authentication, so you'll have a Classic blog (template) that only New Blogger (Google) accounts can leave comments on. This may confuse the viewers.

Having reverted successfully, try moving forward again by starting over with a Layouts template, but setup a test blog, and test your custom settings there. Just as Old Blogger didn't remain very long, I'll bet Classic templates won't be supported forever.

If you decide to do this, will you please let us know at Google Blogger Help what your experiences are with this? Maybe there are other issues that I'm not thinking of right now. Your experiences, if documented, might save somebody else some grief, and that's what the forums, and this blog, were created for.

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Sach said...

I had problem using the new blogger... and from this post I learnt how I could use the old blogger features. Your tip was a life-saver. Thanks a ton. I have also left my feedback on my original post. And in my opinion old blogger is lot more fun than the new blogger.

Kel said...

Actually, I quite liked the new template but until one option is added, I decided to revert.

Simply, I couldn't stand losing my individual Post Titles, and I HATED WITH A PASSION the messy hierarchy column one had to add to the new template to see them.

The dropdown box was a clean look, but only allowed you to see dates... and the TITLES are how I want my readers to select posts to read.

As soon as that becomes an option in the new template, I'll switch again.

Thanks for the tip!