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Monday, September 18, 2006

ReferenceError: log is not defined

This is a Firefox error. In Internet Explorer, you'll get the equivalent

[object Error] undefined.

You see this when you're in main page view, looking at Older Posts (or maybe Newer Posts).

The improved main page view, in Blogger Beta, rocks. Being able to page forward and backwards, and view all posts in the blog from main page view, is great. But here is a problem - you can see maybe 2 pages of main page view, before this pops up.

And it only applies to main page view. From article view, I used the Older Posts link, repeatedly, and viewed all the way back to the first post.

Are you here because you have this problem yourself? Have you reported it to Blogger Help? If you just answered "Yes" and "No", then you are part of the problem.

Here are other folks who have reported the problem, and who probably need to report it now to Blogger Help.

And Ramani, of HackOSphere, mentions a friend who reported this, incidentally.

The error window, in Firefox

The error window, in Internet Explorer

Note that neither error window offers any interaction. Copy and Paste is not offered. I have to close this window to get my browser back. When I do, the main page view is blank. Only by reloading main page view, starting with the latest post, can I continue.

And yes, I did report this, and I replied to the botmail.

(Edit 9/27): This appears to be fixed, though again in silence.


JLB said...

Howdy! Just wanted to call in that I encountered the same error after migrating to Blogger in beta this week. It occurs for me with the "Older Posts" button from the main page, and as you've describe, the navigation buttons on the other pages work fine.

By the by, I did report it to Blogger Help after a few hours of realizing that it wasn't just me. Just the auto response email so far, but it's good to know I'm not alone in "[object error] : undefined."


David Scrimshaw said...

I've been assuming that someone at blogspot would get around to fixing this problem for a few weeks.

I guess we haven't made the wheel squeaky enough.