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Monday, November 13, 2006

Putting A Post At The Top (A "Welcome" Post) - Beta

Layouts template Blogger blog posts are sequenced as Classic Blogger blog posts - by date, in reversed sequence. This means, again, that the newest post will fall at the top, and every time that you make a new post, it will be visible above any previous posts.

Just like a Classic blog, you can make the posts display in any order that you like - just change the date of each post. This is called a work around. With a blog of any size, and activity, you'll note that it is a very painful one.

In a Layouts blog, though, we have one improvement. You can create a special post, and have it "pinned" to the top of the blog. I created a brief Welcome message, which is at the top of this blog, just below the header, but centered like a post.

When you're in the Layout Editor, select "Add a Page Element". Select an HTML / JavaScript, or a Text, element. You can create content using either Rich Text, or HTML, at your convenience. After you create your new element, you can drag and drop it anywhere in the layout - at the top of the post column, or the sidebar, or even at the bottom of the post column.

Positioning a new page element, using the layout editor, can require some experimentation. When you move the new element over the area where you would like it to be, it may drop centered on, another area of the blog. When it does this, move it ever so gently in the right direction, a couple pixels or so, until it positions properly. When it is positioned where you want it, release it, and it will fall into place, properly positioned and sized.

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