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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Migration To Blogger Beta - The Final Chapter?

In my previous series Migration To Blogger Beta - Evaluation, and previously, I've discussed the practical issues surrounding the migration.

Today, in Blogger Help Group: Publishing Trouble When will all Blogger accounts be switched to Blogger beta?, we see the third statement by Jordan, aka Blogger Employee

Yes, a few months, max.

One week ago, in Google Blogger Help: An Open Question to "Blogger Employee"
We're looking forward to migrating all users to beta in the next few months, so, as there's limited time left with regular Blogger,

I just hope that there's some window of opportunity provided to all blog owners, so nobody goes from
Sorry, we can't allow you to migrate.

You have to migrate this week.

in the same week.

Common courtesy would require that those with larger, and maybe more complex, blogs, be given an appropriate amount of time to decide when to migrate. I would hate to interfere with some blogger employees coffee break time, but maybe it would be right to think of the unpaid employees slightly, and cut the breaks just a bit shorter.



Newsman said...

Hi Chuck.

What do we do about this impending disaster?. I see it as a disaster based on the complaints we see in Groups. Blogger has not mastered the reliability issue with the Classic version and now this?

As a backup, do you think it's possible to move all my blogs to a regular paid host without crashing them?


nuke gingrich said...

the beta conversion process has been a bigger cluster-f*** than FEMA ever dreamed of being. After 18 separate requests for help from blogger support, to no avail, I am resorting to posting open letters to blogger support and looking for outlets, such as yours to try and find some help.

Thanks for your forum.