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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Migration Testing

  1. Created 2 new gmail accounts, nitecruzr68 and nitecruzr67.
  2. Created 2 classic blogs, Migration Test 1 and Migration Test 2.
  3. From Nitecruzr, made nitecruzr68 a member of Migration Test 1, and nitecruzr67 a member of Migration Test 2.
  4. Created new Beta account Nitecruzr68.
  5. Setup new Beta blog, Nitecruzr68, owned by Nitecruzr68.
  6. Accepted Migration Test 1 with nitecruzr68@gmail.com, creating new Blogger account Nitecruzr68.
  7. Accepted Migration Test 2 with nitecruzr67@gmail.com, creating new Blogger account Nitecruzr67.
  8. Setup new classic blog, Nitecruzr67, owned by Nitecruzr67.
  9. From Nitecruzr, made Nitecruzr68 admin on Migration Test 1.
  10. From Nitecruzr, made Nitecruzr67 admin on Migration Test 2.
  11. From Nitecruzr68, removed Nitecruzr from membership of Migration Test 1.
  12. From Nitecruzr67, removed Nitecruzr from membership of Migration Test 2.
  13. Setup blogrolls linking test set blogs.
>>Current test set.

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