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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

No More Previous Posts

The old 10 Previous Posts list is no more. Knowing that a blog was originally designed as a journal, it made sense that any post would link to previous posts only. You can't predict the future. But the limitation of 10 posts always bothered me, as it did many Bloggers. And every month, somebody would ask

  • How do I get a list of more than 10 posts?
  • How do I get a list of previous posts, in reverse order?
  • How do I get a list of the 10 earliest posts?

So now, previous posts is combined with the archives. And you can see a list of all posts, in any one of three styles.
  • A collapsible hierarchy.
  • A flat list.
  • A dropdown menu.

Each of the styles can list the selections in reverse order (oldest first). Each can display by month, by week, or by day. And the first, hierarchy, even has an option to display post titles, ie table of contents, with chapters by date. No more muttering to yourself
Now, I know I wrote that post sometime last month - but what did I call it?

So, as I described it elsewhere, it's not
New Blogger doesn't have a previous posts list.

New Blogger doesn't need a previous posts list.

So How Do I Use This New Feature?
Adding the Previous Posts, in a Classic blog, required you to edit the template. With a New Blogger blog, properly migrated, you simply go to Page Elements, under Template. Then add another page element, a Blog Archive, and configure it as you like.

My Blog Archive is called "Other Articles", and is selected as
  • Hierarchy.
  • Show Post Titles.
  • Archive Frequency: Monthly
  • Date: 2006 and Month: January (this is key in the collapse mechanism).
Configure yours as you prefer. Experiment with different possibilities, and find which suits your needs.


Jeannette said...

So how would I create the Blog Archive list? I've tried switching templates but it just keeps the "previous posts" feature. do you know?


Chuck said...


Have you tried adding a page element, per the instructions? You have migrated the template, not just the account?

Grace said...

Hello, would you please tell me where the instruction is for adding the page element?

I just upgraded to Beta today and found out that the previous post link is not working any more.


Chuck said...

Hi Grace,

Please read the above article. I am not sure how I can explain it any more explicitly.

Email me, from the forum thread, if you like.

Arizona Steve said...

Is there any way to implement this hierarchy archives menu if you're hosting your blog remotely? (Then you don't have access to the options you list here for turning it on.)

Chuck said...

Hi Steve,

You have to have a Layouts blog, to use the Archives page element. With a Classic template, you'll still have the improved archives, just no easy way to reference them.

My guess is that you will be better off converting to a custom domain, and upgrading to a Layouts template. I'm pretty sure that Blogger would like it that way.