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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo has now provided for us the Yahoo Site Explorer, which looks, strangely, like the Google SiteMap. Well, it is a bit more user friendly than the Google Sitemap.

It has one major flaw though. It wants us to load a specific file into the root folder of the web site (or in our case, the blog), to prove that it's our blog. But blog "owners", who publish on the Blog*Spot servers (ie, "*.blogspot.com"), manage the blog content using the Blogger interface. The Blogger interface makes all file and folder names - we have no input in the decision. So we have no ability to add specially named files to the "root" of the blog.

Possibly those publishing externally can upload specific files to the "root". Those publishing internally are out of luck.

So what's up, Yahoo? Do you not want blogs to be mapped by your explorer?

>>> Let Yahoo know what you think of their problem.

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