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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meta Records

Anybody with serious ambition for his / her blog wants the blogs to be indexed by search engines. Making your blog (website) search engine friendly is a key issue in many forums.

One of the essential ingredients involved in that goal is the use of meta records. Whether for search engines in general, or for Google Sitemap in particular, meta records are essential. For the former, you'll add 2 meta name records - description and keywords; for the latter, you'll add 1 meta name record - verify-v1.

But meta records have to be installed in the non-visible portion of the template. Without raw template edit ability, this does not seem possible.

If anybody knows that I'm wrong, or has a workaround for this situation, please speak up.

(Edit 8/30 21:00): Raw template edit ability is now available. It does have its limitations, though.

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