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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Want To Try It

My friend Dirty Butter says, in one of her comments

Where can we get a copy to download? I want to play, too!!
Well, you don't download anything. But here's what I did.
  • Setup a Google account - I had my GMail account already. We'll discuss how to get a GMail account separately.
  • Go to Blogger Beta. Sign in with your Google account.
  • Create a new blog. Pick any template, and post a stub.
  • View the blog, copy the URL, and make links to your new blog from your other blogs, forums, wherever. The more inlinks the better.
  • Play with templates, the layout editor (essentially a GUI replacement for the template editor), and have fun. But since you have inlinks, and you know folks are now checking it out (since YOU are leading the way for them), be sure and put content in there that will keep them coming back. Make your visitors happy that they found your blog! Lead the way!!

Next, consider carefully what you want to really do.
  • In my case, I decided to setup a new blog, as The Real Blogger Status - Beta, and keep The Real Blogger Status - Alpha, until it can be safely migrated to a Beta template.
  • I setup static links between each blog and the other, in the sidebar.
  • I setup feeds, to provide a dynamic list of most recent articles, and put the feeds from each into the other.
  • Blogger Alpha can't handle feeds easily, so I created a feed, using Feed Digest, from The Real Blogger Status - Beta, and installed that into the footer in The Real Blogger Status - Alpha.
  • Blogger Beta will let you define a page element and source it directly from a feed. I simply added the native feed from The Real Blogger Status - Alpha, into the sidebar in this case.
Now you can read both my Alpha and Beta blogs, and see a digest of the latest content in the other. And I will continue to liberally link posts in each, to other posts.

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