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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Restore The Main Page Link To The Title

For every seasoned Blogger, whenever you setup a Blogger Alpha blog, and go to view an individual article, selecting the title of the blog would always get you back to main page view. That is one of the most standard features in any Alpha blog.

Not so with Beta. And since you can't edit the template, you're stuck. Right?

Wrong. You can't edit the template itself - raw template access isn't provided. But you can edit the individual page elements.

Go into Template - Page Elements, and edit the element with the title in it. In my case, I find

The Real Blogger Status Beta
and I select the Edit link. I see the Configure Header window. It has the Blog Title
The Real Blogger Status Beta
I add a hypertext link, and make it
<a href="http://bloggerstatusforrealbeta.blogspot.com/index.html">The Real Blogger Status Beta</a>
select SAVE CHANGES then SAVE. When I select View Blog, I see my blog now as before, but with one difference - clicking on the title now takes me to main page view.

Having said that, I note several exceptions.
  • The title is now clickable from every view (no more distinction between main page view, article view, and archive view).
  • The length of the title is critical. See the above setup for my title? Try adding just 2 more characters. One more may add, but a second won't. You won't get an error - unless the necessary character is a control character that affects the syntax, as mine was. Here's a hint: the title of this blog used to be
    The Real Blogger Status - Beta
    Do you see the difference?
  • Look at the entry in the dashboard. Not too neat now. I can live with that, though, to have a clickable title. Can you?
All in all, it's a workaround. But, until BS gives us raw template access, or puts back what should be there in the first place, we're stuck. But this still beats Blogger Alpha.

(Edit 9/2): While surfing, I just noticed that many blogs don't have this limitation any more. Another fix provided in silence.

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