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Friday, October 13, 2006

Migration To Blogger Beta - Evaluation

In my Classic blog series Migration To Blogger Beta, I wrote 4 posts to give an overview of the principles of project management, as it applies to migration projects. In those posts, I talked about principals (computers, software, users). What I was really talking about, once you get the principles down, is blogs.

You migrate blogs, just as you migrate computers. Even though you can't see blogs, as you can computers or users, they are still very real. And they are are owned, and cared for, by very real people.

I mention that fact first, in the hope that Blogger may realise this eventually. Because I don't think that they realise this, right now. At least, after reading that specific post in Google Blogger Help.

So next I will evaluate the progress in the Blogger Beta Rollout. I'll start by describing where (I suspect) Blogger Support thinks that we are. Then I'll continue with where other Bloggers like Roberto thinks that we are, other Bloggers in the Blogger community think that we are, and where I think that we are.

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