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Monday, February 26, 2007

New Blogger: My 6 Month Evaluation

I posted my first article in this blog, my first New Blogger (then "Beta" Blogger) blog, on August 16, 2006. This is my 6 month evaluation of New Blogger (OK, I took a week + to get around to it).

My 3 week evaluation of Beta Blogger covered most of the exciting new features. Since then, the most significant feature added was Google Custom Domains, which lets you have a blog addressed with a non "xxx.blogspot.com" address, but with all of the shiny features of New Blogger.

One major limitation of New Blogger, and one that badly needs to be changed, is that ownership of any blog will always be based on the account that was used when the account owning the blog was migrated. If you haven't migrated yet, be aware of this limitation!

The bottom line? If you haven't migrated yet, and you have the opportunity, do so now. If it's still optional for you (it's not optional for a lot of people), plan the migration, and do it soon.

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Mary said...

For awhile I had an invitation to migrate to Blogger Beta, and I was ignoring it because I didn't have the time to devote to doing it right. Now that I have the time, no more invitation. Do you know if there is a way to request another invitation? Or am I SOL?

Chuck said...


The invitation, over periods of time, comes and goes. How long was it given to you? Give it half that long again, and see if it doesn't come back.