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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HTML In A Layouts Template Blog

The template in a Layouts blog is written in XML. You can't use HTML in a Layouts template.

For those of us who are used to HTML, that's a major problem. But it shouldn't be.

You don't have to edit the template at all. Just add a Page Element, of HTML/JavaScript. Put the HTML into the Content portion of the new page element. You can add as many HTML/JavaScript page elements as you wish (within reason!), and position each where you like - the header, main area, sidebar, or footer will all hold HTML/JavaScript page elements.

Whatever you could do under Old Blogger, you can do in Layouts Blogger, but you don't edit the template. An very few examples:

And since you don't edit the template, if you want to change to another template, just select Pick New Template. All page elements that you setup in this template will work equally as well in the next.

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Martin said...

I have added HTML to my layout based blog at suthlib.blogspot.com and I haven't encountered any problems (so far!). It's a test blog I have established to work out if I can use the layouts feature for another blog I manage.

The blogger help seems to suggest that you can edit the html. I would say you have to be careful and make sure you put the HTML in between sections/widgets, not in the middle of them.

When I read your post I tried replacing the html I have added to the template (a navigation bar) with html/javascript widgets. I could not, however, get the widgets to layout inside the header section with the title and description widgets, and hence spread across the top both the content and sidebar sections.

Jamie Boyle said...

I have a question for you. I am not a computer programmer I know little html code. I have several blogs and I want to change a couple to my own domain name. The thing is when I go ahead and change from blogspot to my own domain am I still able to use the template from Google since its will be hosted by them.

How does that work or will I need to do my own template?

Please help I've been looking for answers on this but I haven't been able to find any answers. My url is too long for Adwords and I want to change it.

Chuck said...


If you publish to a Google Custom Domain, the only thing that you change is the URL that the blog is published to.

Once you get your DNS properly setup (and it must be properly setup), you simply go to Settings - Publishing, select Custom Domain, and provide the custom domain.

That is it. Read
my posts, for more information.