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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Custom Domains Aren't For Everybody

OK, maybe you tried your custom domain, and decided it's not for you.

Go to Settings - Publishing, and select

Switch to: • blogspot.com

That's all that it takes, normally. Well, that and refreshing cache afterwards.

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amirulkhairi said...

I tried to the same thing switch back to blogspot but the problem is they won't allow me to use the same name again. So I have to use a new name:( So how do you switch back and maintain the blog name????

Here's my situation my preferred blogname is happyfamilyfirst.blogspot.com. Then I tried to switch domain to www.sewabilik.com. Later I want to change back, it won't let me use the preferred blog name. So I have to use a new name.

Please advice.thanks.

Chuck said...

It's possible that you don't understand the procedure, and it's possible that I don't understand what you're saying.

For this to work, you really need to post a problem report in Google Blogger Help: Publishing.

Troubleshooting a complex problem like yours, in a conversation in comments, is a really lame process.

If you want to reply to this comment when you do post to the forum, I'll know to look for your post.

What is going on, blog said...


I had the same question. I deleted all host information and "ghs.google.com" information. The domain is cleared. But I still can't switch from blogspot.com to the custom domain again. I getthe same "already has a blog hosted on it" error message.

Chuck said...

Did you try resetting the domain, using Google Apps?